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Playing stereo sound files in 5.1 speakers


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How to play 2.1 audio through all 5.1 speakers


Here's a solution I found to the problem I was having with playing MP3 files which only contain stereo audio through all of my speakers.


The original post is by barrylev and can be found here


Note that this method involves using a different media player, and therefore it doesn't work with iTunes or Songbird etc.


1. Download MPlayer Extended from here (click the Google Code link)

2. Install MPlayer Extended as a normal application

3. Run MPlayer

4. Go to MPlayer OSX > Preferences > Advanced

5. In the Additional Parameters box enter the following:

-af channels=6:6:0:0:0:2:0:4:1:1:1:3:1:5


I'm sure there's a way to make it work with 7.1 too, when I figure it out I'll update this post


All credits to the original post by barrylev which can be found here

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