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I Miss Home :( (and End)


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This is one of my biggest problems with Mac at the moment.

I'm using a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 2.0 and found that the software to use all the hotkeys was available from Microsoft. 'Brilliant' I thought, perfect working keyboard.

All my keyboard hotkeys seem to work, including multimedia control, Print Screen and Browser/Mail access.


However, the basic Home/End keys don't seem to work, and so far I haven't yet found a solution. As mentioned in my Install Guide I had a nightmare trying to write that guide because OSX's start of line shortcut is CTRL+LEFT, but in Firefox that's the shortcut for Back (to previous page). This meant that I kept going back a page instead of to the start of the line, and lost a lot typing because of it. The guide took me at least twice as long to write than it should have.


Anyway, I later found a Firefox extension that makes the Home/End keys work within the browser. It's in the 'experimental' stage, but seems to be working well for me

Download it here


If anyone has a global solution for all applications then it would be great to hear about it!

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