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4th Install of the Evening, A8N-E with 10.5.6 Final iso


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Fourth Install

iPC's 10.5.6 PPT5 Universal Final DVD Install Disk:

So I bricked the Third installation by changing the screen resolution without checking out anything in the OS... nevermind, I wanted to check out some of those "Fixes" anyhow.




So since I bricked it with teh NVInjects, I'll see what NVDarwin does... and just as I didn't tick them all, I installed all Applications.

I'm assuming the correction I made from 2nd to 3rd was the GUID, so I'll try the full featured Chameleon installation again.

The Fixes I've ticked seem like the generalised "Fix All" installations summaries... they don't say "if you've had this error". We'll see what we get. I obvoiusly haven't benchmarked anythign up to this point, so it's of little consequence, but if I get a stable system, I pass the computer to my sis and say happy birthday, I dont' get to keep reinstalling.


So it is off and racing again in the fourth install of the evening, lets see how this one goes. Log more results again soon.

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