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Continuing from last post - A8N-E under 10.5.6 ?


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Third Install

iPC's 10.5.6 PPT5 Universal Final DVD Install Disk:

Reformatting the HDD to GPT this time... see if that changes anything. Same names and sizes.



So rather than install Alternate bootloaders, stick with the stock one ... same very of Chameleon I suppose (v ?.11)... GUID (GPT) instead of MBR formatting on the HDD, and no fixes of patches... I just want to detect the HDD at the moment, once I get that right I'll treak the drivers and fixes. I've resigned to the fact that it'll be a few reformats to get this right... then I just hope that the Vista Installation that's already on the other IDE drive will work again :dev: I'm worried about the motherboards' southbridge... its' got a small heatsink on it, as the oversized one that I installed back when I used to use this MB is now on my current motherboard... the A8N-E southbridge always had overheating problems and it wouldn't detect the drives on boot. So that's the long-term fix, but aiming an extra 120mm fan at it should get me through installations 1 through 11.... (optimistic aren't I)


Ok, installation.... waiting, waiting... still 20 minutes or so...


Right: WINNAR, Darwin Bootloader! GUID worked a treat... wanted to keep it MBR incase I had to blow Vista away and go XP... too bad.

First-boot: press F8 and enter the boot options: "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" -v

The little TFT I'm using to get this baby right is only that large natively.

YAY, the "Before You Begin..." wizard is up ... Alright, I'll get into it and test a few basic functions and report back.


EDIT: Graphics changing of resolution didn't work. blue screened it, normal workaround for this is to switch port on the graphics card, but I should think I'll have to put the proper NVCAP strings in too, so I'll get into doing that after I check a few things.

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