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Right, Building OSx86 Machine for my sister - Asus A8N-E - AMD Athlon XP 4200+


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Where I'm at:

I have two IDE Drives plugged into the mptherboard, a SATA DVDR Drive, NVidia 8800GT 512 MiB,

Going to use iPC's 10.5.6 "Universal PPC5 FINAL" and its downloading. There is another PPC update to it, so have downloaded that already "iPC_v1.1_PPF.zip"

The Computer has sat overnight at "Disk Boot Failure, please insert disk and press ENTER" ... so in otherwords the hardware is stable and I need an OS,

The two drives has jsut come out of my old server machine, they were part of a 7disk LVM under Ubuntu, they're formatted clean with a GPT partition table as single partitions, I'll fix that once I get the OS downloaded.

The SATA DVDR drive is brand new. LG, nothing brand, buy a new one if/when it fails.

The Motherboard (Asus A8N-E) is my old computer, I thought it had died, turned out it wasn't the motherboard, but the OS drive I was using at the time, so its been sitting on a bookshelf for six months gathering dust, now its back in operation.

2.5GiB of RAM in four slots, I know it'll be only running at half speed, but what my sister doesn't know, won't hurt her.

Anyhow, I just hope to pickup a faster source on the download, so I'll post this prelogue now and go back to waiting another 23 hours for the disk to come down.

Blog the experience again soon

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