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Samsung NC10 10.5.6 now with wired lan working


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A great new discovery from adamsalac in his thread




Now we can use wired ethernet with the modified AppleYukon2.kext


I have installed it and it works fine on the Nc10 it is on the first post

of the above thread and is AppleYukon2new.zip download file.


Installed it with kexthelper b7 and it works fine.


Only thing is mac address of ethernet is set as 11:22:33:44:55

but apart from that no issues so far.



So now all we have to wait for is the voodooHDA driver

for full soundcard support and a solution to sleep / deep sleep

and the NC10 will be absolutely perfect.


I am still not able to use vmware or parallels but not really an issue

more of a small annoyance.


By the way looking back at the comments I have had on this thread

I said i still had audio problems, but that is not really the truth as such

only the same problem everyone has which is no microphone support.


I have gotten around this by using a bluetooth headset for skype.






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