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Efix...it turns out...and as stated previously...works pretty damn well. Not perfect...but pretty well. I still feel that for the time I have to spend on this project, it was the most economical means to the end. Many of you have read, I am certain, about the nightmarish way the EFIX business is run. Well...it is all pretty much accurate. They recently came out with a firmware update...can't remember the number...but it was supposed to take EFIX up to 64 bit. Probably getting ready for Snow Leopard type of thing. Well....some of the machines, mine in fact and a few others I know of, now panic on any kind of sleep wakeup. Not that mine woke up perfectly before...but you get the idea. For some users this is a big thing....for me it is not....I never sleep the machine....it is either on or off. Mostly on. They are aware of the problem and they are fixing it. In general though I find the following to be true...just my opinion of course.


Efix is a good product and like any new item, it has to evolve. And, as we are all aware, evolution takes time....and money. It seems though that the EFIX team have slowed evolution to a snails pace. They seem too wrapped up in other things....white dragons other interests....music art ad infinitum. All well and good, but you either want to develop the product or you don't....half assing it doesn't cut it in business. I'm sure he is a good fellow...just appears to have too much on his plate. They need to respond rapidly. They need to sit down and code their little brains out in order to provide some level of customer service. EFIX as an orginization seems like a little too much of the laid back continental style.


And even though they seem laid back in terms of customer service, they are the most edgy group I have ever come across. Best not criticize in the forums....Flames, censure, lock downs are certain to follow. Not a good way to convince a tire kicker, who might be cruising the forums, to invest in an EFIX chip as well as the other hardware necessary. They do have their group of suck-ups who praise them at every turn of the cards and that is fine...I, within the EFIX forums, just pretty much keep my mouth shut. I'm pretty green at OS X anyway and what was it that Lincoln said..."Better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"...or something like that. I just don't know enough about the operating system to contribute in a meaningful manner.


Efix, as a piece of hardware and Efix as a company will probably do ok once they settle down to business. Rest assured though, that if they stay on their current course, they are likely to be gone. They need to respond to customers...regardless of the customers demeanor...we've all had to deal with difficult clients and we all have probably come away the better for it. Flames, reprimands, abuse and censure are not the answer. Telling people that an update will be ready and then missing the deadline happens (Think Circus Ponies and version 3 of notebook). It happens to some of the best and brightest companies in the world. Not keeping a customer base fully and regularly informed should never happen. And when a customer has a bug up their ass, no matter how illogical it may be, EFIX has a responsibility for civility. It's computers...not haute couture...or however its spelled.


They simply need to sit down and code. Test the code...retest it and test it once again. It will never be perfect...we know that. It's ok. But geeze guys...get busy!! Lose the 20 something moderators on the forum...they are hurting not helping your cause. Pejorative behavior patterns doesn't bring money into the coffers. I've tried it in my younger days...trust me....it don't work!!! If they want to be in business then they should do so. If not, Efix is very viable....someone would snap it up in a heart beat and perhaps throw the cash at it that it requires as well as the time and the customer service and support. While the coding might be highly specialized, the business aspect is pretty rudimentary....and back to the coding....there's a million of them out there who would love to code their little hearts out.


I truly like EFIX. It's the business model I hate. EFIX is a good product and I would never say that it was anything close to being a failure. It simply isn't. However, as of yet, it's not a success either.

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