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Will this help?! No.


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I don't know about anybody else on InsanelyMac, but I've been going down the drain with installing iDeneb onto my old I8200. I patched the NVidia patch for my laptop and ran iDeneb. Booted up with no problem. Came to the Disk Utility. I told Mac to format it into HFS+ Journaled. Failed, the disk suddenly disappeared and mac said the disk didn't exist when it WAS there. I reran iDeneb and booted into safe mode (single user [sh]) and tried to use fdisk. I got the following warning:


ATA: Device not waking up, terminating...

fdisk: Drive /dev/rdisk0 not found.


So, that didn't help me much at all. Tried using the GParted Live CD to do it. Failed - Mac OS X can't seem to find it. Help?! :dev:

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