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My Samsung NC10 Experience so far........


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Hi all,

just a quick note to talk about my samsung nc10 experience so far.


Anyway as a gadget freak I bought my nc10 2 weeks ago now , I took a while

to decide between black or white and settled on the black , purely because I

managed to find a retailer who had the last one in their window display and I

managed to get a £20 discount to sweeten the deal. £279.99 and it was mine.


I went to the computer exchange on tottenham court road minutes later and

got my 2gb of ddr2 667 ram , which was swapped before i even turned the

machine on for the first time.


Not having a usb dvd drive I canibalised an old usb hdd enclosure and managed

to get my desktop pioneer dvd writer booting on the samsung.


Firstly tried putting ideneb 10.5.4 on the free partition already on the samsung

which seemed to install ok, but would not boot after install, so I then decided to

install the msiwindosx86 version after firstly deleting all partitions on the hard drive

including the recovery partition.


So i booted my msiwindosx86 disc and deleted all partitions and created a dual

2 partition default setup which gives me about 74gb on each partition.


I made the first partition my osx partition (mac osx extended journalled) and my

second a fat partition and then quit disc utility and shutdown.


Next I booted up my samsung windows xp disc and installed windows and all my

drivers etc on my second primary partition.


Then I installed the msiwindosx86 on the first partition which worked fine and gave

me my darwin boot menu so i could dual boot.


I finally had my dual boot netbook.....albeit without any lan or wireless on the osx side.


Last week I finally got my dell 1390 card and replaced the atheros.


Having never opened a laptop before i was hesitant but to my surprise it was very

easy and I never even broke a sweat changing the wireless card..lol.


I now had a machine which had mac osx and windows with wireless functionality

and I was ready to try mysticus c's wonderful upgrade packs to upgrade to 10.5.5

which I approached with some trepidation and did give me a few surprises.


Mostly surprises were the this computer needs to shutdown screen coming up

a lot of the time when doing the updates after the main combo updates had already

been done etc... but after a few reboots (this happened more than once), finally

apple says I have everything up to date.


Then I tried parallels .... no go, just would not work and I uninstalled it.


VMware fusion 2.1 just killed the osx installation stone dead to the point

of having to re-install my osx again.


So for now i will stick to just dual booting.


The only thing that i don't like about the nc10 is the slow hard drive speeds

with this set up and I will definately be putting a 500gb in the little marvel

within the next week or so, giving me a lovely personal multimedia / web machine.


Hopefully the 500gb will also be a slightly faster hard drive than the one supplied.


Be back soon to let you all know the results.


Many thanks to mysticus c and all the developers who are constantly

striving to make osx a worthwhile experience on just about any machine.





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Guest semanticist

A quick question about the Dell 1390 wireless card - what drivers did you use in Windows?I've swapped the card in preparation for installing Mac OS X and grabbed some likely looking drivers from Dell, but it can't connect to any networks.It would be nice to have Windows wifi back until I've got everything ready to install Mac OS X on this.Thanks!

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