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Round Two this weekend


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Everything solved which the exception of being able to use all 4GB . Running 10.5.5. Used nForceLAN, 9.5.0 kenel & Zeph's System Update 0.5. Now with everything I need supported I will start on a Retail Disk install.


Round two on my M2N SLI Deluxe AMD Box. I have gathered some files up and talked two a few people and feel confident that I will be able to get almost all of the onboard features of this motherboard working. On my next post this weekend I will go over every step of the process and provide, or link to, the necessary files to do so.

This time around I am using Leo4all 10.5.2 instead of the Kalyway release I used before. If I meet my goal and get it up and running I will proceed to installing from a retail disk. (my ultimate goal).


Problems I hope to solve.

1. Onboard dual gigabit ethernet

2. Utilizing all 4GB of memory

3. Updatability

4. Installing FCP & Epson Scanner Drivers (which I assume are having issues due to my AMD processor)


My Box:

MOBO: Asus M2N SLI Deluxe

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 5000 X2

RAM: Corsair XMS2 DDR-800 1gb x4 (4gb)

GRAPHICS: PNY 7600GT 256mb (VCG7600GXPB)

DRIVES: 1x WD 74gb Raptor SATA 1.5, 3x WD Caviar 80gb SATA 3, NEC DVD Burner (ND3550A), ASUS DVD ROM (E-616A2)

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