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HellaNZB - better than Unison


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So I like to use usenet (shhh).


Beforehand I always used Unison, but there were a few things that I didn't like about it. Mainly the lack of Terminal interface and how it didn't automatically unrar nicely.


I found a Python based usenet client called HellaNZB. It looks quite nice, but has a few prerequisites:


-You need to install MacPorts

-You need a good usenet account

-It helps to have a Newzbin account


So I went ahead and downloaded MacPorts. MacPorts seems to be a bit like Portage, or Aptitude, just it builds everything from source, so its more like Portage than Aptitude.


to download and install HellaNZB, you just go:


sudo port install hellanzb


When its done its work (usually takes 15-20 minutes), you need to make some changes to its config file, just adding in your usenet server and altering the download and queue locations.


Then just type hellanzb.py -D and hellanzb is ready for you to dump some .nzb files so it can get downloading for you :graduated:


Usenet is much faster than bittorrent and a lot more dependable on finding nearly anything you want.

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