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Success with sound


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Well, I've been tinkering with the sound support on my motherboard. Bought myself a nice little 5.1 speaker system too.


I used the ALC883-3LineOuts package (Available on this site). After a lot of tinkering with "Audio MIDI Setup" (Applications->Utilities) I was able to enable all 3 line outs, and assigned them to all my speakers. What a great idea aggregate devices are. So now I have great 5.1 sound on my hackintosh. Next I tried to get the line INPUT to work, plugged in the iPhone, and after hunting around in the rear inputs, bingo! So now I have line in and I can record my guitar using garage band, WONDERFUL! Next I'll try the mic input, but that's not vital for now.


So, the P5K with stock on-board audio works perfectly well!


Now to get a USB adapter for my MIDI keyboard, and this will start to be a pretty useful studio recording setup!



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