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Money, always the show stopper...


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I recently bought X-Plane 9 since I find flying a flight simulator quite fun.


I tested it on an 2.0GHz 1GB iMac 20" (first aluminum case editions) and it ran pretty good. Well, it ran great, except for a warning here and there about too many rendering options was enabled but I didnt see any problems so I left it be. A bit more RAM would have benefitted the flight simulator, so I tried it on my MacBook 2.2GHz with 4GB RAM.


Since the MacBook just has the Intel X3100 graphics card the flight simulator wasnt much fun. It was basically useless unless you turn off a whole lot of rendering options which makes flying a bit dull too. So a no go there. Now of course I want a MacBook Pro instead, and here the choices start to get tough.


I could throw together a Hackintosh to beat all present Macs that would be great for X-Plane, but then I kind of want the real thing as well. A real Mac would be quieter. Yeah, I know theres a lot of PC hardware and options to make them quiet too, but they still tend to get too noisy for me since I keep it in a small room with the TV too. But a Mac Pro is very expensive, and I would like to have RAID on it if I got it. It would make all those photos and all that music and movies a bit less prone to data loss. Backing up like today works, but a RAID would easy my mind further.


A Hackintosh with RAID and decent graphics, RAM etc wouldnt be too expensive. So what to do...


Maybe an older Mac for the RAID / server stuff, and a MacBook Pro combo would be nice as a compromise... moneywise.


This will take a lot of thinking and eBaying :graduated:


And then there is the Mac mini vs Apple TV situation... What to power my TV with. I am leaning toward the Mac mini since it is a fully working Mac with some CPU to spare for Perian and VLC. Yeah, I know... Not all my movies are from iTunes :dev:


I guess I should play the lotto and win. That would make life easier. Any job openings for a millionaire wanna be?


Now of to see if there any way to convert an iBook G3 800MHz to get USB2... Ladies and gentlemen. Warm your soldering irons!

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