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Things I had to learn in order to build a hackintosh


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This is just a list and I will explain in more detail everything listed in subsequent posts.




PowerMac G5 case

Asus P5K

GSkill DDR2 800

Intel 8500 Core2Duo Wolfdale 3.1 GHz

Saphhire ATI Radeon GDDR4 512

ATX form factor parts vs the G5 case

LGA 775 intel HSF installation

how to download a torrent file (Kalyway 10.5.1)

ATX form factor

how to install a CPU heat sink

Seagate Baracudda 7220 PRM 250GB SATA HD

DLink USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter

Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple Wireless Keyboard



how to install kext files

what a kext file is

how to burn an iso using disk utility

how to make my audio work on my motherboard

how to get the video drivers

how to search insanelymac for information

how to search google using the site: modifier

how to use basic CLI commands in the terminal and single user mode

how to RMA on newegg

all the features of my motherboard and compatilibilty with other components

what a DIMM is

what DDR2 is

PC6200 is

how to install RAM

how to install a hard drive

how to use a dremmel

learn about cross-fire

how to choose a Power supply unit

what IDE PATA drives are vs SATA drives

to check compatibility before you buy something

how to use the "or best offer" option on ebay






OSX86 project hardware compatibility list


Case modding sites




Kalyway 10.5.1 SSE2 SSE3

video drivers for my card

audio drivers for my motherboard on-board audio real tek





Guitar Hero III

you control tunes

kext helper

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