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iTunes and auto deleting podcasts


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I had my settings for Podcasts in iTunes set to just keep unviewed items, but the viewed items would not disappear automagically. So yesterday I started researching this behavior to free up some drive space.


The first item I checked was if the episodes I watched got marked as having been viewed. The complete episode must be viewed or listened to without stopping it before the end of the podcast. This was easily checked by enabling the "play count" column in podcasts. Sure enough, a lot of items was marked with 1 or more views.


I double checked the preferences, and it was set to just keep unviewed items.


After some research it turns out if you manually download episodes the auto delete function for those podcasts is not set. I had forced download of a lot of podcasts to get all the older episodes the first time, and that obviously caused iTunes not to automatically delete them. I guess they figure if you download something manually you probably want to keep it...


By selecting all podcasts (apple/cmd-A in the podcasts listing window) and right-clicking and enabling auto delete the problem was solved. The solutions was found at this forum thread.

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