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One step forward, ten steps back


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Hiccup time boys and girls.


For the past two days I've been battling with getting my QE/CI to work again. This was prompted by an install of a kext that trashed my sound. I did a re-install, followed all the steps that I had done before (As far as I can tell) and set up the video card (Vendor ID/Device ID, and NVCAP) and reboot..... BAM, no more signal to the monitors. I can tell it's running, but absolutely no video. -X won't help either, the only thing I can do is run in single user mode, remount the drive read/write, and try to undo what I had done. It doesn't work.


I tried editing the Info.plist file, remove what I had done, and save it.

Do the same rules apply? Do I need to set ownership? (I doubt it, I AM root after all in single user) Do I need to change file attributes? 755? I deleted the Extensions.mkext file, but I don't think it has an effect at all. I'll have to research how to go about repairing problems at single user level. (There must be scripts somewhere).


So for now, no more QE/CI until I figure it out.


But the question remains.... how come it failed all of a sudden, I don't think I did anything differently than before (And I redid it many MANY times) It's a mystery.

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