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What's not working 100%


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OK, what's not working...


1. Logitech G15 Keyboard LCD - Not a big deal really, but this is a not working list.

The backlighting works, the LCD DOES light up too. I haven't tried the G keys, but I imagine they will fail. The media buttons all seem to work with iTunes, Play/Pause/Fast Forward/Back/Volume.


2. ALC 888 sound. Audio DOES work (I hear sound through the attached speakers) but I cannot get the headphone jack to work, this mobo has some kind of funky auto-detecting functionality that asks you what is plugged in where to get things to work. This works fantastically in Windoze, but here it's missing. This is a must-have for me, I want my Sennheisers to work.


3. Attansic L1 ethernet. Well, technically it does work, but if you go in sleep mode, it will hang and you'll have to reboot (Not cool). Solution for now is disable power management (I don't really turn computers off anyhow).


Everything else I have attached to my computer (See my first post) seems to work as far as I can tell. I'm sure I'll find more bugaboos, and I'll report them here when I find em (Along with the fix hopefully).

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