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Consider this day 1 in my quest for Hackintosh Nerdvana (I've actually been at it for a week now).


I'm taking a home made PC and turning it into a Mac, this blog will track my successes and failures, and hopefully create a collection of information others can use to get their own system up and running while saving all the running around I had to do.


So here's the setup so far.


ASUS P5K motherboard (No SE, VM, PRO, just plain old P5K)

Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.2 GHZ OC'd @ 3GHz

2 Gigs DDR2 800 MHz RAM

BFG NVidia 7300 GT with 512 Megs of VRAM

250 Gig drive , partitioned in two (Slow side is XP Pro)

Dual layer DVD burner

Logitech G15 gaming keyboard

2 17" Acer AL1716 monitors.

Logitech 4000 Pro webcam

Apple iPhone 3G (16gb) - Mine

Apple iPod Video g5.5 (30gb) - Son's

Apple iPod Nano g2 (8gb) - Wife's

Sony cybershot camera (1gb)

Sennheiser HDR 120 wireless headphones


That'll pretty much cover it for now. There is far more stuff out there that I will get to eventually.


So without further ado.... hope you find some useful info here

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