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iPhone 3G part 3 / 3G on the MacBook


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Well, its been a couple of weeks now. I even got myself a brand new 16GB black version in addition to the first 8GB one.


The 16GB had some issues. I guess it didnt like to be restored with a backup from my 8GB. The display would yield a sold white horisontal line and then fade to white with tiny vertical colored lines when booting. Performing a fresh install as a new phone seems to have cured this. But I am keeping a close eye on it!


The 16GB seems somewhat quicker strangely enough. Looking up contacts is much faster and responsive than on the 8GB.


Both run 2.0 5A347 software now.


The Weather application works on both now that both were reinstalled without restoring a backup. I guess some configuration files probably got messed up along the line since I often quit the backup routing in iTunes.


I guess the only gripe I have so far about these now is that the backup routine/system with iTunes is terribly slow. And I wish the bluetooth would be upgraded to allow file transfers and contact sync between a computer or another phone.


Also havent done too much 3G testing as both still are on Edge-only networks. When I cancel the contract I can test 3G networks from another provider.


There seems to be some difference between network signal between the devices. The 8GB seems to report lower signals more often, though I have only briefly tested it for about a day now.


All in all I would recommend this phone. Even after breaking out of the contract the price compared to others like SE and Nokia are actually really good. It costs less than a Nokia N95 8GB at regular price. I am not counting special offers they provide all the time as I dont think that is quite fair.


Now I just need a nice case, a dock station and some other gizmoz and a standard developer program entry to start making iPhone programs.


As a side note I have some reports on using 3G wireless network with a MacBook. I have tested Telenors (local provider) version which comes with an USB dongle and a special dialup program.


This system often has to be hung-up and redialed to establish a connection. It rarely works for very long times at a time. Also, I found it extremely important to hang up, quit the application and remove the dongle before putting the MacBook to sleep, or connecting to another network. The software also insist on installing a new "location" which often messes up ability to connect to a WiFi network. I often find myself deleting this location in the networks preferences and sometimes having to reboot to get it on WiFi after using the 3G dongle.


Quite a few times this software has caused my MacBook to freeze and become not responsive if I fail to perform the correct disconnect procedure. And theres even been quite a few freezes while just surfing as well.


Software seems really buggy, but otherwise it is an okay way to get online while traveling.

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