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I am an average person trying to build a hackintosh that has no special knowledge or skills in computing/electronics/case modding etc. All I have going for me is patience and brains. I thought it would be interesting and possibly helpful to detail my experience trying to build a hackintosh in a Power Macintosh G5 case as I am just an ordinary person. As a result of my relative inexperience I have had quite a few problems trying to accomplish my goals.


Here are my intentions:

1.) Build a computer under $1,000 USD.

2.) Build a stable PC that runs OSX 10.5.x (Leopard)

3.) Fit it into a G5 case (apple pro case was my first choice, but G5 is what I got soo...)

4.) Make the end product as close to a REAL MAC as possible within my budget and ability.

5.) Use the computer for personal use only, as an experiment and for the fun of learning how to build a Mac (albeit the hacked way :rolleyes: )


Goals I abandoned:

1.) leaving the rear of my G5 unchanged



Quick personal info.

1.) I have never owned a PC or Windows machine.

2.) I have never attempted to build or dismantle a computer.

3.) I did own an iMac G3 (used it for parts recently).

4.) Do not hate any OS, brand names, or n00bs (I am one).

5.) I majored in Music in college and have no background in computing, engeneering, electronics, etc.

6.) Marathon was my favorite game for years (from about '95 until Halo for Xbox). I still play it.


Past projects:

1.) tried to edit a past blog with plain html using trial and error and google (that got OLD)

2.) composing music (unsucessfully :rolleyes: )

3.) Successfully installed Ubuntu LTS on an iMac G3 -- this tunred out to be pretty dull as there was LITTLE support for my setup. iMac G3s have PowerPC CPUs which are not common and not well supported in Ubuntu (or anywhere as far as I have read).

4.) reviving a Personal Laser Writer using iPrint adapter (except I used the wrong adapter and smoked the Laser Writer -- literally!)


Computing memories :graduated:


1.) going to my friend's house to play DOOM using a floppy disk, and spending way too much time trying to remember how to use the c prompt.

2.) flying toast

3.) my dad's LCII and personal laser writer

4.) using one program at a time and closing windows with religious fervor

5.) Marathon, Marathon Durandal, and Marathon Infinity + Forge and Anvil

6.) Spending hours creating Marathon games and never getting them to work.

7.) writing down urls from TV ads so I could visit them later when I was using the internet

8.) paying for internet access by the minute

9.) our global village modem dailing up on its own unbeknownst to anyone

10.) Managing extensions when installing any new program (what a pain)


Here's the meat:

I have "successfully" installed Kalyway 10.5.2 SSE2 SSE3 on my computer and the system "hangs at startup" (grey apple screen with grey bar-wheel thing) This means it freezes while starting up. I am about to sell my Asus P5K for another motherboard. I am getting ready to try using the P5KR BIOS instead of my motherboards BIOS in a last attempt, but it seems that this board is not well suited for hackintosh. I have a 45nm "wolfdale" CPU otherwise I would switch to a Bad Axe 2 or P5W DH Deluxe motherboard.


Upcoming posts to this blog:


Things I had to learn in order to begin

(how to download a torrent, hardware specifications,etc.)


Power Mac G5 Case Modding:

How I changed the G5 case to fit my computer parts.


Average Joe Mistakes in building a Hackintosh.

Part 1: general computer building mistakes.

Part 2: Hackintosh lessons.


Why I decided to build a hackintosh.

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