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iPhone 3G part 2


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Getting to known and get a feel for the iPhone now.


Performed a reset/software upgrade which took quite a few minutes. The software release had gone two numbers up which was promising to fix the bugs I experienced first.


Now Apples Remote software works great, but still the Weather application will not locate any cities. This was also true for an iPod Touch which was upgraded from 1.x to 2.0. It also could not locate any cities anymore. Bug reported to Apple.


Batterylife seems to be rather good. I guess I just played a lot with it the first day and that used a bit of battery. Though it was still half on the indicator. So now worries there.


Been trying out a lot of free apps in the App Store. Lots of fun things to find there. And I have quite a few plans for some iPhone applications myself. Been learning Cocoa programming the last few weeks in anticipation of the iPhone. Still a way to go, but one has to start somewhere.


Actually there is not much I can complain about. I love my iPhone :graduated: It performs to my expectations and more.

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