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iTunes and Front Row tips


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Leo4All seems to work great. I havent been using USB devices that much, so I cannot yet confirm if Leo4All has fixed, or not fixed my previous USB storage device problems completely.


I am mostly using the machine as a Front Row mediacenter (ie. Apple TV) device. But I also have a large collection of media on a Windows fileserver in my network. So how do I get Front Row to play these without having to copy them back and forth between the fileserver and Mac ? Well, the answer is simple. Connect to the Windows share, and preferably store the username and password on your keychain to avoid having to login every time you need mediafiles...


Then download the Movie2iTunes script. I put it in Applications, and then made a dock shortcut by dragging it there. Then I can just drag mediafiles to the Movie2iTunes droplet and a few seconds later... voila, a metafile is created (2KB) in your desired moviefolder. I use Movies. Then it is just a matter of starting up Front Row and browse and watch those movies. They also show up in iTunes for easy management there.


Another feature I am missing in Front Row is the ability to browse and listen to netradios like you can in iTunes. The fix is quick though, and it is easy to add your favorite stations into Front Row. Open iTunes, create a new playlist folder and drag all your stations into that one. Then they will be available in Front Row as well. But I sure hope Apple updates Front Row to include this feature in their upcoming releases.

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