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Attempt 2: Succeed to Boot, mostly worked


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Attempt 2: SUCCEEDED on INSTALL, SUCCEEDED on BOOT, UNABLE to fully test.


1) Booted from DVD

2) Formatted drive MBR, name "MacVaio" using Disk Utilities

3) Custom install

4) Turned on ONLY following options:

a) Vanilla Kernel and acpi Vanilla

:dev: SSE2_system

c) Network Drivers (all)

5) Did NOT install network or Video drivers

6) Install worked fine, machine booted.

7) Wireless worked immediately.

8) Screen looked great, some minor glitches in some screen areas.

9) Quickly confirmed wireless networking, Monitors control panel, iTunes, System Preferences, mounting network hard drive. Printing worked fine wireless to HP LaserJet Color printer.


10) Software Update ran. Showed about 11 updates available, including to 10.5.4. Chose them all.

11) System hard crash and I have to start over again.

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