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Screen Resolution Problem


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I have a 6600GT and am having troubles changing my screen resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x1024


The last time I installed OSX86 on my computer (10.4.4) I did something that changed the res. It had to do something with editing a file other then boot.apple.plist, that file had lots of info in it.


I have installed 10.4.7 right now if you want to know


I don't want to install macvidia drivers because today I tried and when I went to display settings everything wen t black and I couldn't see anything even after restarting... I tried the uninstall method given on macvidia.com but still nothing happened. All I could do was format and install OSX all over again...


Any help will be much appreciated!

(yeah i've been making lots of threads about problems this is because I really wana get it running and finish my homework)



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