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HP All-in-one 3055 (scanner, fax, laser printer)


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Thanks to some good research and constructive debugging by this person, I was able to get my AIO 3055 printer to work with Leopard.


HPs software is 10.3 and 10.4 only, so a few tweaks are needed to make it work under Leopard. But then it works great too.


Here is how I made it work. I had no previous printers installed before I started this process.


Download HPs AIO 3055 package for Mac OS 10.4. Go to their site and select download software and drivers, search for AIO 3055 and select the correct device in their results page. Then go to the Mac OS X 10.4 driver and download the 125+MB archive to your machine.


Once downloaded, mount and install the software from the disk image. The computer will restart by itself, and close all your apps before installing.


After the restart, a setup assistant will eventually start up. It is slow. Just wait for it. This allows you to configure some basic set up for the device. I suggest you complete it, otherwise it will just come back and bug you until you do. When asked for the printers adress, type in its IP-adresse in the field. If you do not know it, you can find it by printing a report from the printer.


I myself have set it up using a static IP first before I started this whole process. It can easily be done through a web interface on the printer. Simply navigate to your printers IP in a web browser. A static IP is recommended in the case you would turn of the printer for some time and it would gain another IP later when turned on. Then your printer/scanner setup will also fail.


When the setup assistant is completed, you can use spotlight to search for "HP Scan" or find it in your Applications folder. Open information about this application (Apple + I) and check the box for Rosetta.


Now you are good to go. The only feature I miss under Mac OS which works under Windows, is the Scan to button on the printer. It can be configured for a preset scan setup under Windows. But this is a great leap forward as I know at least can scan again! And directly to either fax, file or email.

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