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Second HD or full HD displays


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The other day my projector stoped working, so I was forced to service it and had a 32" LCD HD-ready TV on loan meanwhile. Connecting it to my system was no problem, but I couldn't find the right resolution in the display preferences. I had everything from 640x480 up to 2000-something but no 1360x900. There was a 1366x904 or something but the TV wouldn't sync to it.


Searching the forum here I found a great solution. Of course I can't find the same post now to refer to, but thanks to the person who mentioned it anyways. Simply get and install SwitchResX. Reboot, then just add a new resolution to match your TV or displays properties. I checked the user manual and added the 1360x900@60Hz with all the correct Hz and kHz settings. Worked great! Crystal clear and excellent picture.


As a sidenote I recommend using Apples color profile to set up your displays properly. Just open the Display preferences and find the tab to set up your display profile there.


A 32" instead of the 100" projector ... well, I really missed my projector which I can happily say is back and working great again.

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