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Hack three - P4 1.6GHz 512MB 60GB Radeon 9600


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Almost a veteran at installing and trying to get Hacintoshes to work... Here is my third working machine (#2 recipe is still in the works - it involves Leopard on my first Hacintosh hardware).


EPoX EP-4B2A motherboard, latest BIOS

Intel P4 1.6GHz clocked at 120MHz for 1.92GHz

2x256MB PC133 memory

Sapphire Radeon 9600 GT AGP 4x 1.5V graphics

Realtek 81xx PCI network card

60GB IDE Maxtor drive (primary master)

IDE CD-RW drive (secondary master)

IDE DVD-ROM drive (secondary slave)


The choice of overclocking was done by trying all intervals in BIOS and running Xbench. The choice with best speed results was chosen. It seems to run very stable at this speed as well. And not too hot either. Stock CPU fan works fine.


I had this running great, but then told the user to install iWorks 08 and he accidentaly installed OS updates as well. Trying to recover the installation my JaS 10.4.8 DVD disc was bad, so I got a fresh burn and reinstalled the whole system.


The motherboard is only USB 1.1 and using a 3rd party NEC USB-card would not work. Might with some of macnubs fixes, but I havent tried this.


Installation medium: Mac OS X 10.4.8 JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2 iso image burnt to a DVD-R disc (4.37GB).


Just popped the DVD disc in the DVD-ROM and booted from it.


Once in the Installer window I continued to select English as the installer language. Then I started the Disk Utility and partitioned the whole disk as one HFS+ Journaled partition. Exiting the utility and returned to continue the installation.


I chose to install all printer drivers, and just my own localization language (Norwegian). Additionally I chose the JaS Intel package, the 10.4.5 login window fix, and Azalia audio support. Let the installer do its magic and finish up. Rebooted into Tiger.


The only problem at this point is the graphics. This card is not fully supported with any hack. There will be glitches and artifacts on the screen. But you can get full resolution support, monitor autodetect etc by installing:






(more info with links to these packages will follow).


After this everything works perfectly, except for the graphic glitches. I even manually upgraded to 10.4.10 and .11 to install iWork 08 and iLife 08. The machine is no speed daemon, but manages fine. Certainly a good use of old hardware.


Currently my father in laws machine - may convert him over to Mac OS...

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