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My first Hacintosh (Tiger)


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Well, back in the spring of 2007 I discovered the OSx86 Wiki pages that states that Mac OS could now be run on various PC hardware. Great, I set out and downloaded the JaS 10.4.8 DVD install disc.


My then hardware was the following:


EPoX EP-5EPA+ BIOS 04.12.22 (4C22) with ALC850 audio and 88E8001 Gb LAN

Intel Celeron D 2.8GHz (335) LGA775 processor

2GB memory (2x512 + 1GB)

ATI Radeon X300 PCI-Ex16 with DVI and VGA outputs

Samsung SyncMaster 151s LCD monitor

Hitachi Deskstar 250GB SATA2 drive

NEC ND-3520 IDE dual layer DVD-writer

Billonton Bluetooth USB dongle


All this mounted in a 19" rack chassis with a 300W ATX power supply.


Installation went fine and after applying sgke network driver extension I was online. Graphics had some tearing/artifacts issues and was locked to one resolution, 1024x768, which was just fine since the display just supported this.


I could use the DVI output as an always mirrored output for my projector and home cinema movie experience. Life was good.


Time went on and I finally ended up using 10.4.11 via various updates. The only thing that stopped working was my Sony GPS tracking unit. After the 10.4.10 update it would not be reckognized anymore when plugged into an USB port.


Another issue was entering the command "clear" in a Terminal window would cause a bus crash and reboot. The About this Mac would throw me off and present me with a new login window.


Besides these issues everything was super stable and great.


Here's the original post from back then in the OSx86 Wiki HCL. It features some details I have forgotten now.


I probably would have stuck with Tiger if I knew I would have the problems I have with Leopard right now. The biggest issue is USB drives that will not mount or be detected. Tiger seemed more robust, though Leopard offers some great features I love.

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