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iMac and iBook


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Well, I am sure I will buy an iMac 20", but these last few days I was wondering if I shouldn't go for an iMac 24" while first at it. Though the 24" costs 50% more than the 20" around here I figured the display difference would be nice. But then I got thinking some more... I can buy pretty big monitors for the same pricedifference, and I would get dual screens as well. Of course the 24" would be awesome to run multiple apps at the same time. But an external extra monitor would be just as helpful. So I guess the decission is 20" iMac with more RAM and a future external monitor.


The order hasn't been placed yet, but I guess it will be any day now.


I also ordered an older iBook G3 800Mhz with 256MB RAM, AirPort and a 30GB drive off of eBay. Found a good deal on an extra 512MB memory as well. This is a machine I intend to give away to my parents as their first PC.


I think it is a good starter machine, and I want them in the Mac world. Using the remote desktop sharing feature I could easily logon their machine and help them with their problems too. A big plus over XPs remote desktop is that they can see what I do so they can learn while I help.


I am quite curious to see how it runs Tiger or Leopard. It won't be a speed deamon but I am sure it will be just fine still.

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