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I figured someone might have an use for this. At least I know from experience that it is always hard to find the excact information needed to make something work, or to verify if it will work at all...


So... When I get time I will post my knowledge and howto's for how I made my Hackintoshes work. I'll even throw in some experience from down the road on how it is to live with a Hackintosh.


First some background. My first experience with a Mac was in 1985 when my brother and father bought a Macintosh 128k. Single side 3.5" floppy, 128k RAM, 7" black/white screen. They even bought an external SS 3.5" drive and an ImageWriter. Now this machine was awesome back then. I fell in love with the design, GUI and the whole thing.


Of course I couldn't afford a real Mac, so I've been through a bunch of various emulators on the Amiga and so on. But nothing was really working well. In 2000 I bought a MacBook G3/233 with 128MB RAM and 4GB HD. Great machine, but eventually sold it since I had some problems with it. Which actually turned out to be incompatible RAM.


Haven't been able to afford one since, but am saving up for an iMac. Wouldn't mind an AppleTV now either. And of course a Time Capsule will be required. But until then, I am stuck in Hackintosh land because I have some old PC hardware that is much better off running OS X than Windows. I am really fed up with Windows after using it for many years. And now that Vista is out. Don't get me started. I appriciate that you can get inexpensive hardware and it works, but it is not worth the extra pain and grievance I get into. But this is not about dissing XP or Vista. It's a personal choice.


When I came across the osx86 wiki and read that now you can run OS X on your PC harware I was ... what?? I MUST try that. So searching around I ended up with JaS 10.4.8 on DVD. And it installed on my PC! No way... So, searching around more I learned more about what works and what doesn't. I bought a new graphics card to get QE/CI which makes the experience so much better.


This was a year ago now. When Leopard was rumoured to be released and I saw the new features it offered, I had to get that working as well. So now, here I am using Leopard on the same hardware. And it works...well there's of course some issues.


And... Yes this is my daily driver. I use my Hackintosh for anything and everything. Mail, web, torrents, texteditor, spreadsheets, chatting, VoIP, buring, MP3 encoding, remote administer FreeBSD boxes, networking with Windows shares (sorry for cursing in public - I DO want an Xserve with RAID instead...$$$)

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