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Why have I gone into this?


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First of all I'm a DJ. Second of all I'm a designer and quite a design enthusiast (though low budget one).


So one day I've came across the information about possibility of installing OS X on normal PC (you get the idea of how it took my interest :rolleyes: ). I own small barebone lappy (clevo M540G, Pentium M 1.73, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, Intel 950GMA, Realtek compatible sound and network).


It took about five minutes to find what I was looking for and another 10h to download what was needed. It was a nice feeling (kinda thrill :rolleyes: ) to run to nearest news agent and getting some DVD blanks (some... just in case anything would go wrong). First burn then install... all smooth! Reboot... blue screen :rolleyes: .


I wont go through all the details as it was quite few of them but for those who've got the same issue:

- Search for the VGA dongle (few wires and my display worked)

- Search for Diabolik's fixes (You'll probably get your QE/CI fixed)

- I had some problems with the sound but installing Azalia kexts and playing around with permissions in terminal fixed the problem.






Now I have fully functional OS X on my 600euros (bought 2 years ago) lappy :rolleyes:

The reason I've done that is I always wanted to work with Logic! Now I can and it woorks much better on my laptop than on friends of mine powerbook g4 :rolleyes: Though I'm little bit higher on budget now and going to muy new machine in a day or two :rolleyes:


My only concern is: Shall I save a bit longer to get macbook pro or get something similar for 50% price? There's a lot of good things about apple stuff (you now... I'm the design enthusiast :rolleyes: ) but there's a lot of bad as well.

For instance macbook pros get extremely hot and nearly impossible to keep on your lap when you really WORK.


Also these are not possible to build up if you want. I know they're great and original but...


I'm also looking to get one of ASUS barebones. Say Z84JP (which kinda looks like black macbook pro to me :rolleyes: ).

You could easily fit T7600 core 2 duo in it as well as 4GB ram. It's got built in nVidia 7600go (I know it's not for real game experience but that's something I dont really need!) on MXM standard which allows replacing with new device. External sATA conector, HDMI :rolleyes: and few more really cool features (17" display for example).


As far as reading reviews of this piece it seems it's pretty cold and silent even when working on full power which could make it better choice than 3x priced macbook pro with the same specs.


I don't really know but in few days will drop a line or two to let you know if I've stayed hack or mac... intosh :rolleyes:

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Guest fotograft

Hey Martin, did you get a new lappy? Spec for spec, the MBP doesn't cost more or not much more. Consider: * 15.4-inch display * 2.2GHz, 2.4GHz or 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo * 5.4 pounds * 8x double-layer-burning SuperDrive * One FireWire 400 * One FireWire 800 (important!) * Two USB * ExpressCard/34 (I have a G-Tech RAID hooked up here via eSATA!! FAST!) * Up to 250GB hard drive * Gigabit Ethernet * NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT * Built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n * Bluetooth 2.0+EDR * Illuminated keyboard * Scrolling trackpad * MagSafe Power AdapterLED BACK-LIT DISPLAY!

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Guest Guest: martinfinch_*

Hi,Yes, I've got my self one. Just macbook not the pro. I had quite some thinking which one to choose but ended up with macbook. For the price difference I've got my self really cool NEC 2080UX+ display, PANTONE Huey calibration tool and stuffed macbook with 4GB ram. The only thing that could make me go towards PRO was the GPU but since I'm not a gamer and need it for my web/graphic design work macbooks GPU is just fine. Also it's smaller -> easier to carry around, doesn't get as hot as PRO etc.Today after 3 weeks working on this setup (both at home and traveling between Poland, UK and France) I'm pretty pleased with my choice :thumbsup_anim:

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