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I bit the bullet and cleaned up my Extensions folder removing uneccessary kext's and leftovers from previous attempts at getting the video cards working.


This time I used DiaboliK's 10.4.9 NVidia Natit installer (http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/index.html), at first with the default settings, Natit v02, but I ended up with a black screen on reboot. I uninstalled it all, and tried again, but choosing Natik v01:



I rebooted and something really crazy happened.. it Worked! osx4.jpg


Woohoo! I didn't even have to Hexedit my Device ID's into any of the installed kext files. It actually booted like.. like .. a real Mac. QE/CI enabled. I can even change resolutions on the fly. No mouse artifacts either. OpenGL Screensavers work nice. So I tried some HD quicktime Trailers, and they play buttery smooth. Unbelievable!


I ran Cinebench at my desktop resolution of 1280x1024x32 and the results didn't break any records but were quite acceptable for a FX 5500 AGP.



Sweet Candy!


Ok, a quick synopsis if I had to start from scratch again with my setup:


Consisting of:

• ASRock 775165G motherboard

• Intel Celeron D 351 3.2GHZ processor

• LG GSA-H10A DVD Burner

• NVidia FX 5500 256MB AGP Video Card

(and of course a Case, PowerSupply, Ram, IDE HD, USB Keyboard & Mouse)



(1) Put the Hardware together,

(2) Set the DVD Drive as Master, Hard Drive as Cable Select,

(3) Set the Bios AGP Aperture and Frame Buffer Size to 128MB,

(3) Install 10.4.8 JAS with Intel SSE support, but without Addional Video Hardware Support,

(4) Install 10.4.9 Jas Intel SSE, and included patches,

(5) Replace the Mach_Kernel with the modified one with Auto FSB detection (from irc.osx86.hu)

(6) Run Software Update and download everything else,

(7) Install DiaboliK 1049 NVidia Drivers (with Natit v01),

(8) Open a Beer and drink it. *Burps*




It IS that SIMPLE!


Of course it didn't happen that way, at several points I wanted to set the computer onfire and toss it out the window. But there is so much information on this forum and elsewhere such as, x86dev.org, netkas.freeflux.net, irc.osx86.hu, etc. Just be patient, don't give up easily, and you'll get there.


JAS, Natit, DiaboliK, the peeps at irc.osx86.hu, I love you all! Thank you!


* Probably in the near future I will get a nicer looking Case, a bigger HD, and at some point a faster CPU. Or we will see what happens when OS X 10.5 comes out.


But for now I have a sweet little Mac system!!

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Guest Guest: javadkh65_*

Can I know your board of graphic card? for example is it XFX or asus?Please help because I want to buy onethanx

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