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Ok, trying a Nvidia FX 5500 instead.


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So after being frustrated with the Radeon 9600, I ripped it out like an insane Swedish Chef making Frog Leg stew out of Kermit.


I then stuffed the Nvidia FX 5500 I had laying around in. Which works (after discovering you need to set the AGP aperature size in the Bios to 128MB+ duh!). First thing I tried was Natit 1.0 and I got this. No QE/CI yet..but it feels really peppy and I can pick my resolutions. Woohoo.




Am now playing with Diabolik's Nvidia installers. (And I vaguely remember reading stuff about Titan so might look into that also).


Obviously I will be burning the midnight oil on trying to get this working fully. Wish me luck!

Maybe its time to open the bottle of scotch. I'll save the cigar for later.

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