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Slow progress with Radeon 9600


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Although it worked ok with the integrated video on the motherboard, I was not happy to leave things there, no QE/CI etc.

But since I had already installed a pile of applications, and was well set into feeling quite at home already with this Mac (err, I mean Hacintosh *grins*). I put a spare HD in the computer so I could dual boot, and hack away with drivers, but not mess up my main drive!


I did many install attempts. Eventually managed to figure out that by Installing the 10.4.8 JAS without "the additional Hardware support" or "Titan/ATI drivers", I was able to boot the machine with the ATI Radeon 9600 installed, no grey screen! Yay! Must have been a driver/kext conflict.


Of course I had no QE/CI, and my resolution was fixed at 1024x768. But a quick edit of com.apple.Boot.plist and I forced it into 1280x1024. Ok, some progress. I don't care about multiple resolutions really, but I do want better performance.





Anyhow, I played with:


AGPGart (Various versions 1.1-2.1x)

Callisto (3/6/8)

Katana 2c

And other misc stuff like setting AGP Aperature size in Bios to 128..



Lots of forum reading, I found a ton of threads, but most are pretty old.

Plenty of time spent in Hexedit adding in my video card device ID, and plenty of Black screens later.. still nada.


Although at one point (I think after deleting AGPGart, and just using the plain vanilla Radeon9700.kext it said in the profiler that QE/CI were supported, but the card showed as PCI. I also had a ton of mouse artifacts. The speed seemed slow.



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