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Decided to format the HD and start over : -)


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I totally messed the machine up with various attempts at getting the Radeon 9600 going, (and then trying a 3DFuzion Nvidia FX5500 from another PC which.. after even more patches, and messing about, I have determined incompatible with my motherboard. I can't even get into the Bios without the screen going wonky). Flubber.


A fresh re-install of Jas 10.4.8 (what a beautiful thing that CD is..thank you Mr Jas, you are a god!!), then the 10.4.9 Jas update. Then downloaded a copy of Colloquy IRC client, snuck into channel #1049 at irc.osx86.hu and downloaded "mach_kernel SSE3 Intel with automatic FSB detection" before anyone noticed me. *yoink*


Rebooted and voila! Happy times. Now I am going to run the apple software upate, and then start installing some applications to put this beast to work. Goddamn this is both frigging frustrating and a ton of fun! Booyah!



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