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Stuff arrived and Installation Madness


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I just slapped the components together like a Frog in heat.

Had to remove the ATI card for now and use the built-in Intel graphics chipset, and hooked the DVD drive as master, the IDE HD as a slave.


Booted off the Jas 10.4.8 DVD and installed OSX without a hitch. No Audio however. Installed the 10.4.9 patch without a hitch.

CPU reported as Intel Celeron 4.8GHz.. I had pressed F8 previously and set the FSB=133, but I wonder if that is not a permanent change, ie if you have to do that everytime you reboot?


Found a handy link of some drivers:




And have been trying out MacGirls AppleAC97Audio.kext file, copied to the System/Library.. but no go there. System Profiler still reports no audio.


Duh, never mind. Audio works great, both channels stereo. It doesn't show up in Apple System profiler, but under System Preferences, Sound, Output device, AC97 Audio is shown. I plugged in speakers and voila.


I feel like a newbie.


Ok, still have to get system to boot with the ATI AGP card, and figure out this processor/bus speed thing at some point.

I've tried messing with the various Callisto 9600 drivers, and Katana's. But Whenever I install the ATI 9600 (128MB AGP, not pro or XL), it gets past the OSX spinning wheel, and when it starts to intializes the video for the desktop, just goes blank and stops. Anyone have suggestions?


*continues hunting the forum for clues*

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