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Sound: an onboard ALC883

It was so easy to get it done, found a good link from this forum. (don't know if 5.1 is working or not, I only got two crappy speakers, that's enough for now)


Network: still pain in the butt!

First of all, I have an onboard NForce4 Network controller with a Marvell 88E1116 PHY port. To me, under winxp, it's a network device supporting Gigabit ethernet, whatever it is, I really don't care too much. But under OSX86, it is something without a support. Just went through a lot of search in the forum and also googling. Tried to use NForce4 LAN driver developed by somebody here, I got the En0 showing in the network setting page, with correct physical MAC address, but still couldn't get it connected. More work need to be done on it. (To be continued...)


I went back to store and bought my self a cheapest PCI net card D-Link DFE-538TX, it is said that it's with a Realtek RTL8139 Chipset and is supported by OSX86 without problem, but I finally found out I was still the bad luck guy with it. More work need to be done on it. (To be continued...)

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