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Last week, wife decided to use my old AMD Athlon 1Ghz to build up her Linux box and approved my new computer budget. In Calgary, there is not much choice to build up your own system. So I just went to memoryexpress.com and did a quick online quote, then finallized my configuration as below:


Intel C2D E6300 1.86GHz

Asus P5N-E SLi (NForce 650i Chipset)

Kingston 2GB PC5300 DDR2 667MHz (Switched from 4x512MB to 2x1GB after six days and save 20 bucks)

eVGA NForce 7300GT 256MB (I am not a big gamer)

Seagate 320GB SATAII (16MB Cache) + WD 80GB PATA (8MB Cache, from old computer)

AOC 15" CRT 1024x768 60Hz (Wife took my 19" Viewsonic LCD with old AMD box, :dev: )


After I got my parts back, started assembly till midnight, everything was fine except power supply. If I turned off my computer either by OS or by power button, I couldn't turn it back on again right away but had to wait for a while. next day took my box back to the store, they said they can check. after one more day, I was told it was the power supply, and was replaced.


This time, I would use my JAS 10.4.8 Intel amd sse2 sse3 with PPF1 to install OSX, first I finished up my winxp reinstallation on seagate 320G, and moved all files from WD80G to Seagate HD. Boot with OSX DVD, no keyboard, no mouse. So I had to hook my input devices onto USB ports, anyway I still got 6 USB ports left. Installer only recognized my WD80G, WTH, formated it and created Mac Journal Volume, selected needed stuff and installed! It only took about thirty mins or so to finish the whole installation. But the system didn't restart correctly but showed:



Mach reboot (sth. like that)


Had to hit the reset button on the tower.


Welcome, beievnue....


Nice GUI finally showed up, no sound, no network, no SATA drive. :graduated:

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