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It keeps making me restart


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So I'm kinda stuck.


I haven't been able to complete the install because every time I boot off the install DVD it tells me I need to restart. At first I thought the installer thought the install was complete so it was telling me to restart to boot off the hard drive, but I completely unplugged the hard drive and booted into the DVD and had the same problem, so im thinking it is some kind of hardware compatibility issue. The only wild cards in my hardware setup is my video card and maybe my motherboard, but I don't know enough about what hardware my image supports.


Anyway, I started downloading a newer image, the JaS 10.4.8 on demoniod.com, and the torrent is going real slow so that could take a week or more, but hopefully it will have better hardware support than my older one. So I guess for now i'm just waiting until that download finishes to continue.


In the mean time im gonna keep reading around and learn as much as I can about all this.

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