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RMA Woes


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Last Month was a month of spending and Returning. It was fun til a point.


fist got my new alien ware laptop. Core2duo and all had it 8 hours til the powerbutton stopped working!

RMA'ed and its still being repaired (last checked they are waiting on parts)


decided to revive my shuttle sb61g2v3 with a new video card. opted for the Visiontek X1600 XGE 256 agp

worked wonderfully for 6 days before, playing Star Wars Galaxies blasting rebels from my tie fighter and the GPU dies. Black Screen and sound.....GRRR. Try calling Visiontek...No go there support hours 9-5 central standard time. I Call during support hours and get an RMA and the guy still hasent sent it via email to me (its been over a week now). Visiontek's Support Sucks! (returned for new working model 11/29)


My WD 200gb sata drive dies cause it accenedtally got manhandled while in fullspin....My precious data!


Now to fnd out my new acer al2216w 22" lcd screen has a dead pixel.... (Fixed using lcd refresher proggie)


one after another.... oh well 3 new machines are in the works.... :dev:

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