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Microsoft challenges MySpace and FaceBook!


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Microsoft has entered the new trend of freinds & social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook.

Thier entrant is Wallop. (Screenshots here)(Official Screenshot)

It's thier rendition of what people want out of a newtorking site. (yea like Microsoft know how to handle thier consumers with excellent products :dev: )

its basically a suped up flash based instant messaging service that looks like a normal desktop that you would find in windows, you can change the desktop background and add fun stylish extras (for a price, yes you gotta pay to customize!) :dev: that!!

And to top it all off its INVITE ONLY! So far there are only the devolpers on there, which are all above 30 and thier main focus is the 18-25 demographic? Sure its got the music, the instant messaging, live networking with all your friends that are on there.....only if there were any.


Sure its neat, but ill just stick to what I know (microsoft sucks!) and ill just stick with Myspace.

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