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Ok, so a friend of mine has been having trouble recently with her old computer. I tried to reaplce various parts in it and it still kept doign the same thing, so I suggested since it was so old, that it would be worth it to build a new PC for her. I preiced the parts and lo and behold it is done. The specs are as follows:


-ATRIX Black Steel ATX Case (Case, 480watt PSU, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers)

-Intel D915GEV Motherboard (Onboard GMA900 video and HD Audio)

-512MB DDR2 Corsair Memory

-Pentium 4 503 Processor (64-bit 2.66GHz)

-Pioneer 110D DL DVD+/-RW

-250GB Western Digital HDD


So I installed Windows XP on it and it ran pretty fast, so then I decided to try Mac OS X on it. I decided to use The 10.4.4/10.4.5 DVD because it seemed to better support hardware closer to the developer machines since it was a little older. I installed it and it ran with full graphics support, inclusing resolution switching and full HD Audio output support without any hacking whatsoever. I installed iLife 06, Toast, Final Cut Pro, Office 2004, Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS2, Flash, and several other programs and it runs great. I toyed around makin gmy own songs in GarageBand, tested out the new 'themes' in iMovie 06, and made a web pag in iWeb. It all ran just fine and full speed. Even the performance of Photoshop and the Macromedia Apps were acceptable considering rosetta emulation. I have not had the system lock up on me or panic and I have tried to push it fairly hard. I am loving it and I am sure when my friend gets ahold of her new system, she will be just as thrilled as I was because she is a huge Mac fan too.


If anyone has any benchmarks they suggest me to run, I will try to run them before my friend comes to pick up her system, so let me know!

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