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Welcome to my blog here on the OSx86 project, one of my all time-favorite websites. First off, I’d really like to thank Mash for putting together this community to help bring Mac OS X to work on normal PC hardware. It’s really amazing. I’d also like to thank JaS, Myzar, The Castaña team, and all of the others I maybe forgetting right now. What you guys do is some really good work, and a big thank you goes out to you guys.


In this blog, I will cover a tiny bit of what goes on in my life, but most of what goes on in my Website, GameZRule. An online community based on Games, Graphics, and Programming, or “The big GGP” as we call it. The website also provides Templates, and designs for various websites, as well as themes for various BBSs, mostly MyBulletinBoard.


Well, that’s all for now,


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