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Wireless Hassle


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I went to Fry's Electronics over in Indianapolis this weekend and bought a wireless adapter, the AirLink101 802.11g USB adapter. I fought with it about 2 days, but I finally got it to work on my G3 iMac. I ended up having to manually configure the connection because DHCP doesn't work quite right. But after all the hassle, I decided to try it on the iHAck (Dell Ins. 6000) and because I knew what to do, setup was much faster. So both 'Macs' have the ability to connect wirelessly to my network now and I haven't had a problem since. Otherwise, not a whole lot has been going on as far as Macs in this old house. I installed Tiger on my friend's iBook G3 (it had 576MB Memory with a 30GB HDD.) Unfortunately her Power Adapter went kaput onthe way over to Indy this weekend, so she is trying to get a new power adapter.


This week is bus as ever as I start school again on Monday next week. My class starts at 3:00pm and is supposed to last until 6:00pm, but that will never happen. Then I get tuesday off. My books should be shipping shortly (one of them already shipped and is on its way.) I have a new PC to build for my Friend Jenny which is based off the D915GEVLK board so it can run both Mac OS and Windows XP without too much trouble. I also have band practice this week because the group I'm in is playing this weekend (I don't know if I am playing Bass or Guitar yet.) Oh well, life goes on.

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