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Apple Kicks Butt, Yet Again


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Alrighty, after analyzing WWDC as described by MacRumors and after watching the actual keynote on Apple's site, I must say that I am very impressed with the new products and Leopard. Messing around with the Apple store, the cheapest configuration on Apple's site for the Mac Pro is a little under $2000 with student discount applied. The most expensive configuration is around $18,000 but it features Quad 3GHz processors with 16GB or memory and 2 Terabytes of storage with some Quatro Cards and 2 30" Monitors. This config was previously $25,000 on Apple's site. On top of that, Leopard is looking good with Time Machine, iChat enhancements, and new mail features. I am hoping to land myself a developer copy ( :dev: ) to play with. The best part is that on the Leopard sneak peak page it says "From G3 to Xeon, from MacBook to Xserve, there is just one Leopard." (EDIT: It was on the 64bit page, but it seems to have disappeared now. Hmm...) Hopefully my poor old iMac G3 can handle a little bit of torture. If it doesn’t, I have a friend who just bought the top of the line MacBook Pro and has nothing but praise for it. If he is nice he might let me put Leopard on there for a bit.


In other news, I haven't done a whole lot in the Apple/Mac world except keep tabs on WWDC. Thinking more about what WWDC is, I wasn't surprised that they didn't change the former Intel Macs with newer processors, nor does it surprise me that there was no Apple Phone or a new iPod. Developers do not care about such things, so it would be pointless to introduce them at the developer conference. I can see Apple having a special event before Christmas where those will come out.


So apple has managed to kick butt again with extremely competitive pricing and top of the line products as usual. This week I am working a new web page design for our church site, so unfortunately the old iMac G3 is being slightly neglected this week (I am using the church's laptop to make the site, otherwise I would use Photoshop and Dreamweaver to make it on the Mac). Also, another one of my friends called me earlier and let me know she finally got a laptop. I don't know if it is a Mac or a PC, but I am sure I will find out all about it soon enough. Until the next post, later!

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