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External VIDEO cards on the way! AMD/ATI may lead!


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It seems that the days of having to but a new laptop for example or the latest PCIe card if your machine is PCI only, may be a thing of the past.


It seems that there are already machines out there ($17,000+) but render in huge GLOBS.


Of course, the reality is that they (ATI/NVIDIA) are starting to focus on the end user and not just for laptops but for users that want MORE power without taking up TOWER space or slots. While slightly off topic to this blog, SONY and others are working on TV's for the INTERNET coming soon to a retail store near you in 07.


As I type here, I get 1MB per sec download and the next gen is supposed to be 10MB per second.


Anyway, read on for the external GPU devices that could make it to you home, laptop, desktop in the very near future. Paving the way for never fearing to have to upgrade entire systems.




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