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Install Lion on F2A55-M LE [AMD] with xpchelper fix


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I Sucesfully installed Lion 10.7.3 on This AMD Hardware,


My Specs:


Mobo: F2A55-M LE

Processor: AMD F2 3,2 Dual Core

Ram: 4GB Corsair DDR3

HDD: 1TB Western Digital Green Drive S-ATA

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT216 1GB




Download Niresh12495-Lion-10.7.3-V2.iso (google is your friend)

Download RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_90.pkg

Download Finder.app DP2

Download Chimera Bootloader

Download unpkg

Save all this on a USB Thumb Drive



Install Procedure on Empty HDD:


Burn the iso to a DVD on Slowest Speed

Boot from DVD press f8 on Boot Screen and type this:


"Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 -v


wait around 5-10 Minutes for the installer to load


Go into DiskUtility and Partition your HDD as GUID and HFS+ Journaled

Go Back in the installer and Hit Next.

On Customize Select the following Options:

Kernel: AMD

Bootloader: Chimera

Graphics: natit


Now install


After installation boot again from DVD into the installation CD and Select your fresh installation,


boot flags are:


arch=i386 npci=0x3000 -v


wait for the OS to load


when you are in your OSX follow these Steps:


Run unpkg from your Thumb Drive and extract the chimera boot loader


now copy the file boot1h from the chimera folder located in /usr/standalone/i386/ to your Thumb Drive


and reboot


boot back in your installer and run the Following Steps in this order:


open up the installer terminal and run these commands:


cd /Volumes/<name of your Thumb Drive here> (for me it was NO Name)

rm -R -f /Volumes/<name of your Install HDD for example "Lion")/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/

cp -R -f Finder.app /Volumes/<name of your Install HDD for example "Lion")/System/Library/CoreServices/


Now Exit Terminal and Go into DiskUtility and unmount your install hdd partition.

Go back into your Terminal.

cd /Volumes/<name of your Thumb Drive here>

run diskutil list and find your install partition for example disk2s1 for me


now run


dd if=boot1h of=/dev/diskXsX (where diskXsX is enter your partition for example disk2s1)




now you should be able to boot into your OSX with the following boot flags:


arch=i386 -legacy npci=0x3000 -v


(sometimes the boot hangs simply restart the boot process)


End Steps:


Install RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_90.pkg

Find a modified applehda.kext for audio

and most important to avoid de xpchelper bug run in a terminal these commands


1) Wait for xpchelper to crash

2) Open terminal and type these in:

"sudo su"

"cd /private/var/folders"

"find /private/var/folders/ -type f | grep -i com.apple.xpchelper.cache"

3) cd to the first one that shows up on the list (it will be in a separate folder from the other xpchelper caches)

"rm -r com.apple.xpchelper.cache"

"pico com.apple.xpchelper.cache" ---> hit ctrl+o to save and ctrl+x to exit

"chflags uchg com.apple.xpchelper.cache"

4) Reboot and you're done!


This is not my work Simply the process i used.


Credits go to :

Devout for his Guide on this topic:


mymac4music for his guide on fixing the boot0 error on his blog here:


and finally jeaton2012 for his xpchelper fix which i found here:



So i Hope this helps Someone.

Credits where they are due, enjoy


P.S. So far i didn't find anything that doesn't works if i find i update it

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