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REQ: help w/modding 10.8 install disk for MBR installs

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I have a 10.8 vanilla install DVD made from a downloaded installation file. I need to modify the disk to allow installation on an MBR-formatted dual-boot hard drive with Win 7 on another partition.


I downloaded a package containing modified OSINSTALL components and created an .ISO file from the DVD on my desktop. One of the fhe files I need to substitute isn't located in the same place mentioned in the instructions for the OSINSTALL files. Instead, it appears to be located in an image file in the root directory called BaseSystem.dmg. I can mount that but not write to it, even if I supposedly have the permissions to do so.


So, how would I go about copying the modified OSINSTALL files and still have an ISO image I can write to an install disk (or USB)?

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