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Success on a Toshiba Satellite...


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I successfully installed OSX on my


Toshiba Satellite M35-S456

1.7Ghz Pentium M

60gb Toshiba HDD

nVidia 64mb GForce

512mb SDRAM

Dual Boot: OSx86 & Windows XP Professional


Working through OSX, resetting preferences and whatnot, it seemed to run faster than my G4PowerBook did. But then i came to installing my Final Cut Studio and Photoshop CS. After installing Studio and Photoshop, I attempted to start up Final Cut Pro which gave me an error:


System Error: The software is missing a required hardware or software:

  • 512mb of RAM

...or something to that effect. Photoshop CS gave me the same exact error message. So I checked if my RAM was registering with the system profiler, and it showed that it knew there was 512mb of SDRAM in my laptop.


Is there a kext that i need to change somewhere or some kind of option i need to tweak?


Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.



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