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Guest jaceleon

kindly help me about dsdt.aml

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Guest jaceleon

If someone could help me fix this dsdt.aml, I would be so thankful.


Currently, my motherboard is "nameless" (I cannot find anything about it on the internet at all, except that it is a Pentium 4 2.6 GHz with 2 CPUs), so I cannot find any specific patches of it from olarila....


Thanks in advance!



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Guest jaceleon

thank you a lot for this DSDT.aml! I'm using a i865PE-ICH5 Rev. 5.0(It's written in my desktop's motherboard) and the nearest model I could find to is is some motherboard from shuttle.eu, but of course olarila doesn't have any patch for it....


I have the following on this desktop:

1. Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz (2 CPUs, supports Prescott)

2. 1.5 Gb of RAM

3. Point Of View (NVidia) 7300GT AGP @ 512Mb (It's weird that my Leopard OS tells me this video card is only 256 Mb, with full QE/CI support)

4. A sound card which I could use a generic kext to work, or do I need to include it on the DSDT?

5. All of my other peripherals seems to be properly detected by leopard OS (net)

6. phoenix AwardBIOS 6.00 PG


The nearest one I could find to my model on the net is @ http://www.shuttle.eu/_archive/older/en/ab60.htm#ab60rn, and it is almost the model on the right except that I only have 2 RAM seats....


Thanks for also adding DTGP! But can you also point me to a comprehensive DSDT editing guide? That would be also great!


Again, kudos for the hard work!

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If everything is working correctly there is no need of other corrections to the DSDT, audio, unfortunately there are no patches, you have to use VoodooHDA.

Guide on the DSDT you can find it in the appropriate section of this forum or other authoritative source is Olarila.

Sorry can not help you any further, but I do not know much about DSDT, just remove errors and apply some patches

Regards, Marco

PS. Sorry for my english

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